AceOff is an online gaming marketplace that allows users to resell their items in a fun and exciting way. Through this platform, we host competition based contest through mobile games, allowing users to compete head-to-head for a chance to win items.

Founder: Jamal Hoffman


Born from monotony, Atomicmartians strives to be unique in a market flooded with boring boxes, and bland colors. We believe that the computer should be an extension of the individual’s personality, and for that reason, we stand behind our mission to “put the personality back into personal computing”.

Founder: Maddie Woodham

Blue Automation is a robotics company focused on the design and development of autonomous machines. Blue Automation aims to revolutionize the asphalt industry using the Sealer Joe, a Roomba-esque autonomous asphalt sealer, designed to be an efficient, cost effective solution to crumbling roadways.

Founder: Tim Bragg


Green Hat Shooting Solutions is a dynamic firearms and tactics training company provided by a former Green Beret. Clients ranging from beginners and advanced participants, are taught high quality techniques and procedures in a team environment that produces a genuinely elite experience.

Founder: Paul Nator


HireMe is an employment app giving people with disabilities a fighting chance to become employed. It is developed to enhance the interview experience allowing the user to showcase their job skills, focusing on their capabilities. HireMe gives the user the confidence to talk about their disability.

Founder: Letisha Wexstten

At IllLumenEssence, I design, build, and install custom automotive lighting packages to offer the best solutions for customization and performance. I create my own lighting packages to allow the most amount of customization available on the market while keeping pricing competitive.

Founder: Patrick Davis Jr.

Seize The Bean – a uniquely located, open, welcoming, shared space that allows for interaction, conversation, connections, relaxation, and of course, a great cup of coffee! Seize The Bean answers the questions where is the UMSL campus community? It is the one-stop solution that creates a vibrant space for students, faculty, staff, and the local neighbors alike to collaborate, communicate, and expand their network and connection to UMSL and the immediate area! We’ll Catch You at The Bean summer of 2019!

Founder: Alexander Zvibleman

Simple Things is a company dedicated to providing everyday quality products for families that are unique, modern, convenient and simple; supporting children and parents in simple ways. Zechariah 4:10

Founder: Princess Marie Brown




The L.A.B. (Local Azz Brandz) is a retail store providing a variety of up and coming St. Louis product designers with a platform to sell their merchandise in a store made for St. Louis venders only. We are providing a platform to promote safety, accuracy of satisfaction, and unity amongst designers.

Founder: Diamond Carr



Totem creates an enriched user experience that allows online shoppers to view a company’s products on their mobile phone in a three-dimensional environment. We accomplish this by building a mobile application with virtual reality software in which businesses can display their products in an immersive virtual store to break down the barrier of purchase. Potential customers can then virtually walk through the store from the comfort of their home just like they would in a retail store.

Founder: Janeece Woodson

Uni is a student experience platform that works with universities & local areas to establish a community that helps students invest in their personal, social, and intellectual capital. It does so by utilizing campus resources, peer to peer communication, and relaying opportunities & life skills.

Founder: Keven Gilbert and Jose Carlos Herranz