All I have is an idea. Can I still apply?
Yes, the program is open to all UMSL students who are interested in bringing their idea to life. We encourage everyone to apply regardless of where they are in their venture life-cycle.

Do I have to be a student to participate?
Yes, at least one founder must be an actively enrolled, undergraduate, graduate, or professional student through December 2019 (including international students).

I am the only one working on this venture. Am I eligible to apply alone?
Yes, as long as you meet the eligibility requirement above.

Can I have a co-founder or a team member that is not an UMSL student?

Do I have to have a legal entity set up to apply?
No, you don’t have to have a registered legal entity to be eligible to apply.

I’m afraid someone might steal my idea. How can I protect it? Will everyone sign an NDA?
We understand that you wish to protect your idea and we can assure you, we are not here to steal yours. Our goal is to help you bring that idea to life by giving you 21st century best practices. It’s all about the execution.

Does UMSL Accelerate provide other services?
We have great entrepreneurship classes, co-curriculars and many other ways to help you prepare you for the program. We provide 3 information sessions during the application process so please attend those events to enhance your chances of advancing in the program.

Can I have multiple applications?
No, it’s one application per person.

Can I really win up to $30,000?
Yes, you can. The first place winner at each university will win $15,000 and the first place winner across the system will also win $15,000.