Below are the students who won the fall 2018 EQ pitch competition. They represented nine MU colleges and schools and were enrolled in undergraduate, graduate and professional degree programs: Teanna Bass, Sweet Tea Cosmetics; Clayton Cary, Infoproduct; Nicholas DeLoach, ProActive Escape; Brian Huch, Lawcate; Mike Lin, Pick-Me-Up Pad; Libby Martin, Calving Technologies; Andrew

More details about these student companies in the story below:

Published in November 2018

MU veterinary student Libby Martin grew up on a small-town farm with cattle scattered on many different pastures and properties. One problem her family had was accurately tracking calving in their cows. This prevented them from discovering birth complications in time to save some cows and calves.

This problem motivated Martin, who studied animal sciences as an undergraduate, to invent a solution and perfect it with the help of classes and hands-on experiences offered through Mizzou’s many entrepreneurial programs and courses. Martin’s technology is a special collar that measures and transmits a pregnant cow’s feed intake, body temperature and GPS to a mobile app that alerts cattle producers when she enters active birth.

Libby Martin, semifinalist in the MU 2019 EQ pitch competition

Libby Martin, semifinalist in MU’s EQ program, describes Calving Technologies LLC
at the Nov. 12 EQ pitch competition in Columbia, Mo. Photo by Angela Bruno

“I have experienced such growth, and I feel so incredibly blessed to have the resources and mentors that Mizzou has provided,” Martin said. “With the establishment of my LLC, Calving Technologies, I decided I would pitch for the Entrepreneur Quest program.”

This is the first year for the University of Missouri System’s two-semester EQ program, which provides students at each of the four universities with new skills and mentors who guide them through the idea validation and venture development process.

Fifteen Mizzou teams took part in an EQ pitch competition in November. Eleven semifinalists, including Martin, completed an eight-week education program with input from alumni, industry leaders, coaches and subject-matter experts.

“EQ provides students from across Mizzou with the opportunity to network with like-minded innovators. In the end, it gives them a platform to pitch their idea to a panel of successful entrepreneurs for the seed funding they need for their ventures,” said Greg Bier, director of MU’s EQ program.

On March 19, MU’s semifinalists compete for $30,000 and chance to challenge the top three finalists from S&T, UMKC and UMSL during the EQ Finals that will take place on April 5 in Columbia. Both pitch competitions are awarding $15,000 for first place, $10,000 for second and $5,000 for third place.

EQ semifinalist Teanna Bass talks to pitch competition attendees about her venture Sweet Tea Cosmetics

EQ semifinalist Teanna Bass, far left, discusses her venture Sweet Tea Cosmetics
with audience members at the same event. Photo by Angela Bruno

MU business major Ross Scanlan is pitching SL.App, a digital platform that alleviates the stress of subleasing an apartment by matching lessees and lessors based on location, time-frame, pricing and more. Scanlan and his team won $500 for SL.App in the November competition as the audience favorite.

Brian Huch presents his app Lawcate at a February UM System workshop for semifinalists.

Brian Huch presents his app Lawcate at a February UM System workshops
for semifinalists in Kansas City. Photo by Brandon Parigo

Scanlan and Martin will compete for one of MU’s top three spots along with Andrew Northern, gameURL; Clay Cary, Infoproduct; Drew Patel, Identifying.Me; Brian Huch, Lawcate; Mike Lin, Pick-Me-Up Pad; Nicholas DeLoach, ProActive Escape; Jack Schroder, Stove to Store; and Teanna Bass, Sweet Tea Cosmetics.

“We wanted to work together and take on the challenge of EQ to see how much we could grow and improve upon our venture,” said Scanlan. “I love the challenge of finding a niche or problem in the world and coming up with a solution to help ease that pain point.”